Corporate Identity

All companies need a corporate identity. This includes the logo, whether it is a symbol, logotype or a combination of the two, plus a consistent  look and feel for the company's collateral, marketing material, events and online presence.

We developed the logo and corporate identity manual, for GS Magics, a small form-factor hard drive manufacturer. The manual covered an extensive range of current and possible future uses of the logo, colour systems and marketing material, with a full guideline of how to develop and maintain the desired brand perception. 

The Guanxi Network made Brand Catalyst's Sheli Bowman its Chief Brand Officer and as part of this we did evolved the logo and redesigned the business card. A website, marketing material and the design for their event management app were also part of the full corporate identity developed for this company.

Liter of Light is an organisation that provides solar lighting to homes in impoverished areas, where electricity is either not available or prohibitively expensive. Plastic bottles are fitted and sealed into corrugated steal roofs, allowing light to filter into the homes. Light Harvest is a project to gather plastic bottles from outside the country, which might otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. 

Kress is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty transport carriers, with machines operating worldwide in the metals and material handling mining industry. When they decided to enter the China market they came to Brand Catalyst. We gave them advice on setting up their WFOE, developed their Chinese name and slogan, then incorporated those into their logo.

Living Lamma is a local charity operating on Lamma Island and addressing a number of environmental issues, such as improved waste management, beach and path clean-ups, better designs for community infrastructure and lobbying government for sustainable development.  

In On Under (IOU) is an Ocean Recovery Alliance project to get those who use the ocean for recreation, to give back by cleaning-up as they participate in their aquatic sport of choice. 

Just One Ocean is a side project of Plastic Oceans, aiming to bring awareness to six key issues effecting our oceans: saving whales, dolphins in captivity, habitat destruction, over fishing, plastic pollution and shark finning.


Geeta Entreprises is a retail and wholesale shop specialising in Indian foods and goods, based in Perth, Australia. The shop came to Brand Catalyst to develop its online presence and in the process had its corporate identity developed.


SDCD is Hong Kong's oldest BSAC diving club. As part of the redevelopment of their website Brand Catalyst was also asked to update the club logo, which was a very old and badly hand drawn figure of a dive and the iconic junk.

Plastic Break is a project to raise awareness regarding the plastic crisis. It aims to get people to take a break from the huge amount of plastic generated by our meal breaks, a particular cause of concern in Hong Kong and Asia.