Marketing Material

The corporate brochure for GS Magic. It was used by the sales team as marketing tool and featured both company and product information. 

This gatefold product information brochure was a key GS Magic sales tool at local events throughout Asia and important industry tradeshows, such as CES and CeBIT in America and Europe. 

A few pages of the ierise coprorate brochure. It was printed with a high-end emoboss on the cover's logo, kept very clean and, as per brief, highlighted the company as not only an inovator in China, but as a high-tech company looking to offer its ODM and OEM services internationally. 


As part of an overall update of branding for Leighton Asia Northern and Southern, a series of brochures were created. These are sample pages from the corporate and Oil & Gas sector brochures. There were also Building and Mining brochures, using consistent branding and design.

This newsletter for Leighton Asia also following a consistent design.

The newsletter for the TDIC - Leighton International joint venture used corporate colours, but had a completely different look and feel, reflecting a more relaxed attitude for this internal publication.

The GS Magic Drive corporate information brochure, mainly used for international tradeshows for this small form factor hard drive manufacturer. They used a lot of allegories linked to nature.

The GS Magic Drive 1.8" hard drive specification flyer.

We developed the packaging as well as the brochure for Tangles' launch in America. This corporate and product brochure was targeted at merchansiers for large chains, to convince them them to stock the quirky and fun products.

In on and under, or IOU, which also has the payback meaning from a written 'I owe you'. The brand was created for Ocean Recovery Alliance. These posters were created to raise awareness and market their events to various water sports organisations.

The back of this flyer was laid out to mirror the event's logo, which used of one of Hong Kong's very own 'radically resilient' inhabitants, the elderly recycling material collectors. The layout is consistent with TED's very clean layouts and strict corporate identity guidelinses.

Funkraiser is an annual fund raising event for the Child Welfare Scheme, which assists impoverished children in Nepal.

This is STOP brochure is to help city dwellers and people who have never had a dog decide if their are able to properly care for a dog and what kind their circumstances will allow.